ECO35 introduction

ECO 35 Woodlands

ECO 35 Woodlands

The feature of the Sango Tree Planting

The feature of the Sango Tree Planting


Five Key Points for Sango Tree Planting

Sango’s tree planting activities are carefully planned and carried out according to certain methods and principles. Planting trees protects our lives! Sango’s tree planting is not aimed at simply creating green scenery. Rather, it is an activity that plays an extremely important role in our daily lives through environmental conservation, disaster prevention and the prevention of damage caused by natural disasters.


Plant the trees that are indigenous to that land

Real trees are trees that protect our lives. Once these trees take root, they cannot easily be felled by typhoon or earthquake. They also play a role in preventing disasters.


Mix and mix again
Do not plant only one kind of tree.

The density effect is a law of sociobiology
→”Competition Endurance Co-existence”


Weed for three years after planting, but after that, leave the results to the power of nature

We plant trees that are also strong against naturalized plants (weeds).
We plant seedlings from pots that will grow into woods within 15 to 20 years.


Plant the trees by your own hands

We protect our lives with our own hands. Everyone participates in the tree planting.


Teach our children the importance of life.

Knowledge alone will not ensure our survival in the real world or the protection of life.